A bit of an apology

To my few loyal readers. I’ve been busy, tired, trying to figure out why my ear started randomly bothering me a few days ago, with my dad at a car dealership for 3.5 hours even though he already agreed the previous week to buy the car, trying to figure out a way to possibly end up in Boston this upcoming weekend to visit friends, and of course I’ve had work. Over the next few days I should get a chance to write a bit more. And I’ll definitely chime in with my thoughts on any Yankees trades. And I’ll probably take a look at Eric Duncan’s resurgence since moving back to the level he should’ve started the year at, AA.

You can now view pictures of the wonderful Yankees game that involved the Melky walkoff. They include some scenic stadium shots from the rain delay, a man who tried to jump the wall in RF getting surrounded by security, a security woman asking some fans for tickets to the championship level seating, Andy Phillips signing autographs before getting a huge ovation for being the first out to stretch, Melky having fun jogging while A-Rod looks on, the odd defense that had Damon at first and Phillips at second, and of course, the celebration.


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