An even larger apology

Due to my desktop having all sorts of problems at the same time as when the hugh heatwave passed through NYC, plus me having gotten sick last weekend, and my laptop’s screen not being as big, plus dealing with an AJAX interface for posting with a touchpad being rather unpleasant (and my laziness to take out my laptop mouse from my computer case), I’ve been unable to post for a while. Plus my desktop has Photoshop and Illustrator, making progress on the logo go slower.  I still want to look at what Eric Duncan has done in AA that he didn’t do at AAA due to his being rushed too soon.

Oh, and I had won $5 in a Freeroll on Full Tilt and have been trying to turn that into more. So, that takes up time as well. 🙂 .


One Response to An even larger apology

  1. body art form

    Relevant body art form

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