What September 11th, 2001 is to me

September 11, 2006

9/11/2001 changed the politics of the whole world. After all, the leading nation of the world had a very costly attack on their own soil. But it also changed every day life. When I walked up Wall Street to work every day this summer I would see the American flag draped over the NYSE. I would see the police by Federal Hall, and those by the entrance of the NYSE. I got to see the bomb sniffing dogs and the checkpoints on Broadway that made traffic on that block basically gridlock even at 12:00. You can’t drive by Police Plaza anymore without a police pass. We have increased security now, because we didn’t act to have increased security and protection then. The day for me is still pretty vivid in my mind. I can remember how my professors acted, and how some of my classmates acted. I remember the really loud sound of a plane flying right over my high school. Not one student thought it was an airplane. I remember my economics teacher, Mr. Mirer shouting for us to get to the other side of the room after the second plane crash. The extended homeroom because not one person in the school was sure what to do nor whether classes should go on for fear of the World Trade Center collapsing and causing problems. I remember our evacuation, and every student stopping because the second tower was in midst of collapsing. You could feel the building shake. That’s probably the closest to a feeling of an earthquake I’ll get on the East Coast. There was subsequent large amounts of dust when we got outside the building. Everyone began walking up the West Side Highway. For some reason, even though I could’ve left at any point, I continued walking with the members of my homeroom, all of us sharing shock. I had a tape casette with FM/AM radio and I listened to the AM radio for a bit to see what was being reported, and remembered hearing the name Osama Bin Laden for the first time. I couldn’t stand to hear the same thing reported every 5 minutes, so I turned it off. Many of my friends were really shocked and unsure of how they would get home as many trains were not running and a large percentage of my school was kids that came from Brooklyn and Queens. I guess I continued walking with them to try and be a friend and help them out until they figured out a way home. I remember when I got home and signed online seeing my friends truly express that they care for me as I got instant message after instant message asking if I was alright. 9/11 really is a sad day to me, but one that also woke me up to the politics of the world. Hopefully we truly can continue to understand the lessons that have come out of it and avoid having any attacks of this scale ever again.

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Weird dream

September 5, 2006

I had a pretty odd dream last night. In the dream I had just gotten out from a dentist appointment in NYC, and I was in the neighborhood of some girl that I had recently met and was really into (and I can’t remember what this dream girl’s name was). So I gave her a call while walking over to her building to see if she’d want to meet up and, even though I don’t remember hearing in the dream that she told the dream version of me to come over, the dream version of me somehow knew she said so. So dream-me continues talking to her while walking over to her building and at some point she puts dream-me on hold, then it sounds like she picks up, so dream me starts talking again and then gets to the girl’s building. At this point the father of the girl starts talking on the phone saying he overheard the conversation and was impressed with the maturity of dream-me. So dream-me finishes talking to him while walking into the building and see a doorman, but couldn’t remember the girl’s last name, so dream-me keeps the phone up while stalling for time, and just when dream-me remembers her last name and then hangs up and turns to go talk to the doorman, the girl appears with another girl. Dream-me taps the girl and she waves hello as she is on her cellphone and her friend introduces herself to dream-me. We all go over to some dining area and sit down at some tables. At this point the girl is no longer on the phone and we each say something, then dream-me for some reason looks at her then looks around and some other guy and girl are looking at me and at the table and the guy asks dream-me if dream-me is tired and dream-me looks at the girl and she says something to the effect of “We’re going to have to pull out the air mattress.” At this point I woke up from the dream. Hey, I warned you about it being crazy. I appreciate any thoughts on the dream. Even ones as simple as saying “It’s obvious you yearn to have your college life in NYC.”

In other news, Google apparently thinks it has even more rights to invade your privacy than the government does. This isn’t the first time Google, who for the most part has done good things, but once in a while will do something sketchy, has attempted or created a program that does some sort of spying on you. Google Desktop and Google Earth both send back information to Google that you would only know if you were insane enough to read every line of the EULA.

Guitar Hero II’s confirmed song list is now up to 23, and I’m already pretty hyped up for it. I can already see myself rocking out to this one.

Finally, I apologize for the delay between updates once again. Turning Stone gave me over 48 hours without internet access and then moving in to BU and seeing friends I haven’t seen in months took away a lot more time as well. Plus I had to catch up on news and such. Turning Stone ended up pretty good for me as I netted $100. Hopefully AC during my winter break is even better.