What September 11th, 2001 is to me

9/11/2001 changed the politics of the whole world. After all, the leading nation of the world had a very costly attack on their own soil. But it also changed every day life. When I walked up Wall Street to work every day this summer I would see the American flag draped over the NYSE. I would see the police by Federal Hall, and those by the entrance of the NYSE. I got to see the bomb sniffing dogs and the checkpoints on Broadway that made traffic on that block basically gridlock even at 12:00. You can’t drive by Police Plaza anymore without a police pass. We have increased security now, because we didn’t act to have increased security and protection then. The day for me is still pretty vivid in my mind. I can remember how my professors acted, and how some of my classmates acted. I remember the really loud sound of a plane flying right over my high school. Not one student thought it was an airplane. I remember my economics teacher, Mr. Mirer shouting for us to get to the other side of the room after the second plane crash. The extended homeroom because not one person in the school was sure what to do nor whether classes should go on for fear of the World Trade Center collapsing and causing problems. I remember our evacuation, and every student stopping because the second tower was in midst of collapsing. You could feel the building shake. That’s probably the closest to a feeling of an earthquake I’ll get on the East Coast. There was subsequent large amounts of dust when we got outside the building. Everyone began walking up the West Side Highway. For some reason, even though I could’ve left at any point, I continued walking with the members of my homeroom, all of us sharing shock. I had a tape casette with FM/AM radio and I listened to the AM radio for a bit to see what was being reported, and remembered hearing the name Osama Bin Laden for the first time. I couldn’t stand to hear the same thing reported every 5 minutes, so I turned it off. Many of my friends were really shocked and unsure of how they would get home as many trains were not running and a large percentage of my school was kids that came from Brooklyn and Queens. I guess I continued walking with them to try and be a friend and help them out until they figured out a way home. I remember when I got home and signed online seeing my friends truly express that they care for me as I got instant message after instant message asking if I was alright. 9/11 really is a sad day to me, but one that also woke me up to the politics of the world. Hopefully we truly can continue to understand the lessons that have come out of it and avoid having any attacks of this scale ever again.

This week also happens to be the anniversary of another sad event in my life. That being Ariel committing suicide. I’ll always do my best to try and prevent my friends who are hurting themselves from getting to that extreme, as life can be enjoyed and should be.

Finally, one last note. I actually have the header pretty much done. But I forgot to make a copy of it for my laptop, so I’ll have to get someone to email it to me from my home computer one of these days. Otherwise, it won’t be up until Columbus Day weekend.


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