And I’m back

Yeah, last semester wasn’t so cool for the most part (besides getting to be good friends with Anne and Jackie and having an AMAZING 21st birthday [Couldn’t have happened without the awesome friends to come out for it]). However, I think this semester will be much better for me. Just have a look at my schedule:Schedule

So yeah, time to party it up I say.

I’m going to try and keep the posts shorter so that they happen more often and are centered around mostly one topic.

Some interesting quotes from my professors before I end this post:

“You look at the web page for a while, I don’t know, you might look at it for a long time.” -Matta trying to describe why a person might not be done with a web page after a miniscule period of time.

“It was called a game because it was a waste of employers’s time and money, but not an actual game” -Levin on the game of Life

“No, No, I was lying.” -Levin backtracking after making a mistake in describing something.

“Oh yeah, they had a police force in the computer room. Oh yeah.. one of them was an ex-Nazi.” -Devlin describing his experiences programming when he was in college and having to deal with staff running the programs for him

“I’m very proud of that. We respresent a problem to the industry.” -Devlin on the fact that programmers almost always miss their deadlines no matter what.


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