This world just gets crazier and crazier

I expect one of these days George Bush will just come out and claim that the earth is flat. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lacked the foresight on that one.

Anyway, my first 4 day weekend was a success in getting nothing done. I spent most of Sunday watching the football games and then playing the Wii. (The Wii is undoubtedly awesome. I recommend you all pick one up along with Zelda, Madden and Wario Ware). But things are going pretty well with the semester. BU beat Merrimack on Saturday 2-1 behind Eric Gryba’s first goal, freshman Brett Bennett’s first win and forcing a lot of neutral zone turnovers.

The next two days I don’t expect to post. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym, then class, then to wait in line for the men’s basketball game vs. Albany so I can be in the first 200, then CS Fun Night at Unos (Definitely the best thing us CS majors at BU collectively decided on). Thursday I’ve got the 4 and a half hours of class, the BU College Dems are having a dinner then going to watch An Inconvenient Truth, plus there’s UFC Fight Night Live.

For those interested in baseball prospects, Bryan Smith of Baseball Analysts did his annual top 75 prospects list. It starts here with the honorable mentions.

Finally, the only good quote I heard today was:  “Your program sits waiting for something to happen. It watches its navel.” by Professor Devlin on what a program does if it goes into idle.


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