How Tony Dungy won me $30

Courtesy of

4-6-CHI17(1:49) D.Rhodes left tackle to CHI 16 for 1 yard (L.Briggs; B.Urlacher).

And with that there was a turnover of possession and the score didn’t change, giving me the fourth quarter prize.

Now for some classroom quotes from the week

“It may be that TF will commit suicide if there is no grader” -Levin on what would happen if there was no grader for the course. Fortunately for all of us we won’t get to see the results of that one.

“Your program sits waiting for something to happen. It watches it’s navel.” -Devlin on what happens when a program is idle.

“Shh, I’m just stating an opinion… A small opinion. It’s not on the exam.” -Devlin after ranting about copyrights, patents, trademarks and all else.

“I talk about it as if it’s great. But when I’m alone, late at night, ::old person laugh that sounds kind of like they’re coughing up a lung::  I think in horror as to why there are true and false operators.” -Devlin going on about overloadable true and false operators in C#

“It is very hard to read help. Just go and read help!” -Devlin on the usefulness of Visual Studio’s help for teaching yourself C#.

“C# has double doses of headaches. A headache on the left and a headache on the right.” -Devlin on issues with C#.

“You know, you’re taking a C# class, so we should, once in a while, talk about C#” -Devlin with a quote that requires no explanation.

Blogging will be light until the end of this week due to the Beanpot being tomorrow, plus some HW, the BUCD site redesign coming to it’s final stages (or at least until we do something about the small layout),  and just general procrastination.


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